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Lookbook: Sunshine

Monday, July 2, 2012

What I'm Wearing
LC by Lauren Conrad (last season, c/o Kohl's) - Similar cardigan here.  I love the LC stuff at Kohl's.  Just ordered this floral chiffon jacket and hi-low skirt.
Romwe Blouse - similar blouse here.  It's hard to navigate their site but I've found some cute stuff!  I just placed my second order with them and this time it came super fast so shipping is kind of hit and miss but I've loved all my items thus far. 
Madewell Jeans - yes I realize one side was not cuffed.  I of course didn't discover this until after the pictures were taken.  haha, oh well!
YSL TribToo pumps - similar Brian Atwood pumps
Chloe Marcie bag - I get a lot of questions about what color bag to buy and I always suggest gray.  I'm such a fan of gray bags.  It's funny because I actually don't own that many black bags but I own a ton of gray!  It's my neutral and works great for all seasons. 
t+j Designs Crystal Cuff - love this cuff, it's so sparkly and it's adjustable.  The necklace is a new design not currently available.

I can hardly believe it's July!  Seattle weather still hasn't gotten the memo about it being July so I'm still wearing jeans but my legs say "thank you" because they are currently so pale that they don't belong in shorts anyway!  Decided to bring the sunshine in with this pretty yellow blouse, I love it!

OK so what do you guys think about all those monthly subscription boxes?  Popsugar just started one and it's so vague about what's going to be in it but I'm intrigued so I signed up (plus, I think the first one is always the best one to be a part of because they make sure to get the best stuff to entice people to sign up for the next one.)  You can get yours here... To be honest, I'm wondering because we are thinking about doing a jewelry one for our line and would love to hear your thoughts!

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