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Tigi Hair Reborn

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just discovered Tigi Hair Reborn and I love it!

The collection includes:
  • Rebuilding Wax with the added benefit of nourishment and shine
  • Texturizing Souffl√© with the added benefit of moisture for the hair and scalp
  • Restorative Illuminoil with the added benefit of softness and repair
  • Resurfacing Lusterizer with the added benefit of nourishment and shine
  • Colour Protecting Conditioning Tonic with the added benefit of soothing and conditioning for the scalp
  • Flexible Finishing Hairspray with the added benefit of moisture and protection against UV damage
My favorites are the Texturizing Souffle which is perfect for the day (or two) after I curl my hair and it's just a hint of wavy. I use this to add an extra bit of texture to my hair and it separates the waves so it's not just one big frizz ball.

Am also using the Restorative Illuminoil which I use after I've styled my hair.  Just adds a bit of smoothness and shine to it.

You can find more info on these products here and you can find out where to buy at your local salons on their website.

Disclosure: Product samples were sent to me for consideration.  Reviews are my own opinions.

Just a side note: you may notice I'm doing a bit more product reviews lately as I've gotten more and more into skincare and beauty products lately and just want to change up my blog from being mostly fashion so hope you don't mind getting a few product reviews here and there!  I'll still be posting my usual fashion/shopping posts but will have a few beauty reviews throughout the week as well. Thanks for reading!

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