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Friday, January 18, 2013

Just a few new beauty loves that I had to share.

I passed by this Revlon display for their new polish called "Moon Candy" and I loved the creme polish with the glitter, except this isn't regular small pieces of glitter, more like flakes of glitter!  I brought two home and they are gorgeous and so different than all my other polishes.  I love the effect. 

I didn't get a chance to take pics of my nails before they chipped so they look terrible right now but as you can see from the pictures from The PolishAholic, the glitter is a bit piece-y but it looks so great in the natural light as the colors reflect differently.
go to her post to see the rest of the colors!

Absolutely loving this "liquid lipstick" from NYX.  The lip creams go on like lipstick but very creamy and last for a really long time!  $12 for all 3, you can't beat that!  (Nordstrom Rack is now selling NYX if you guys didn't know.  I know for me it's hard to come by in our drugstores so I was glad to see it at Nordstrom Rack.)
Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Color and Lip Stain is a staple in my every day routine.  Just the right colors, I have the Cheek color in Praline and the Lip Stain in Shy Pink and are perfect for the "I'm wearing make up but not" kind of days.

For awhile now I've use the Anastasia brow powder for my eyebrows but recently discovered the TouchBack Brow Marker and it's awesome!  It totally blends in and is a bit easier in application than powder.  I never thought I'd use a "marker" for my brows but they totally fill in my sparse brows and looks really natural.
 It comes in lots of different colors to perfectly match your brows.

I don't really use lip liners as I usually just slap on a lipstick or lip gloss and be done with it, however the Smashbox Nude Lip Liner completely changed my mind about needing a lip liner.  It really is a "nude" to match your lip color and once I apply it, it doesn't change the color of my lipstick or lip gloss but it does help the color stay a lot longer.

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