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The Perfect Ponytail

Thursday, January 3, 2013

 photography by Justin Cooper

I'm not a ponytail girl at all, I think my hair looks better down than up but I love the look of a sleek ponytail.  I might like the ponytail better on me if I could actually accomplish a pretty pony which I've been trying to do.  Here's a few photos of inspiration that I collected from Pinterest.  I love the look of the high pony with the volume or the slightly messy low/side pony. 

I recently got these tips from celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford  and got to try out some products to help achieve the perfect ponytail and wanted to share. 

Whether you’re going for a polished pony or an untidy tieback, you’re going to need plenty of volume.

For the Polished Pony:
1. Apply about a tennis ball size amount of the Double Blow Mousse to wet hair, distributing the product evenly from root to tips before blow drying hair.
2. Section off hair and blow out as normal. Once straight and dry, use a good bristle brush to gather hair up to the crown in a ponytail.
3. Fix hair into place with a hair band, making sure that sides are secured in the ponytail. For extra staying power, lightly spray hair with Lee’s Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray.

For the Untidy Tieback:
1. Follow step one in the Polished Pony.
2. Section off dried hair. One by one, spray each section with Lee’s Hold Tight Firm Hold Barnet Hairspray and create curls with a heated styling tool, like a curling iron or hair wand.
3. When finished, flip hair over and finger through curls gently. If you want a little more texture, lightly spray hair with the Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray.
4. Gather the hair loosely in the back, but secure ponytail firmly with a hair tie. Leave out a few strands in the front, for a romantic look.

** Lee’s Stylist Secrets: · A great tip from Lee is to spray your hair brush with hairspray before you use it. As you brush your hair back into a pony tail, the hairspray on the brush will beat back flyaways and smooth frizzy strands into submission. 

“There’s an up ’do ponytail for all face types, and different pony tail styles will flatter facial features better than others. If you have a circular shaped face, draw attention away from the roundest part by to keeping your ponytail on the side or perhaps turn your ponytail into a scruffy, side bun.  If you have a long or square face – try to leave a few strands of hair out to soften and frame the face or you can try a small bump at the front, creating the illusion of a rounder face.” 

I tried out both and I did find that running the mousse through my hair before blow drying gave it a lot more volume and texture to work with.  It actually helped it a lot with keeping the curl in my hair as well.  The mouse still keeps your hair nice and soft so you don't have to worry about the weird crispy hair sometimes mouse can do.  I totally recommend getting the mousse just for the added volume for your hair (and at $4, it's a great buy!) The tip for the hairspray onto your brush was something that I hadn't tried before but definietly helps with the flyaways because I have lots!  I'm still going to try to perfect my ponytail as I'm still not in love with it on me, but it does help to have the right products to do it.

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