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Meet my little Layla!

Friday, August 23, 2013

On August 14, exactly 3 weeks and 1 day before my due date, my life changed with the birth of my beautiful daughter Layla!

33 hours of labor and she was born at 10:06AM at 5lbs 9.6 oz.  We've been dealing with some small issues because of her small size and being born slightly early (although considered full term, the doctors are still concerned about her early arrival and weight.) but everything else has been wonderful.  The sleep deprivation really isn't as bad as everyone warned me about (but then again, I functioned on 4-5 hours a sleep long before I had a baby!) and I'm loving being a mom more than I even expected.  The doggies have adapted really well to their "little sister" and love her as much as we do.  She's only a week old but has changed our lives forever and we love it!

Just wanted to let you guys know why I haven't been posting but once things are on a better schedule, I'll be back!  I need to post my last bumpdate and a few other pregnancy lookbooks but other than that, my blog will still stay the same, I promise it won't become a baby blog although if you follow me on instagram and facebook you may be seeing more baby pictures! :)

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