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Losing the baby weight

Monday, November 25, 2013

I've had a few readers ask about losing the baby weight and how I did it or if I have any tips.  To tell you the truth, I haven't done as much as I thought I would.  When I was pregnant I totally thought I'd be back in the gym in no time and doing all this stuff to get my pre-baby body back.  HA! The reality of having a newborn and running a business demolished those dreams but I am working towards getting back to the gym soon and really trying to cook more and make healthy meals like I did before the baby.  Although I don't have any great tips, here's what I did during and after my pregnancy that I think helped me lose the weight.

During my pregnancy
  • I worked out until almost the very end.  I never did anything super strenous and just did what I was comfortable with.  My doctor told me I could do anything that I was doing before I got pregnant so I didn't try anything new but kept at what I knew I could do.  
  • The amount of weight I gained was in the range of what my doctor recommended for me.
  • I watched what I ate for the most part.  I tried to eat healthy although admitedly I went from eating fast food from never to at least once a month during my pregnancy!  I had to have my french fries!
  • I stayed away from foods that made me extra bloated as I was already feeling so big I never really wanted any additional bloat! (except for the french fries. haha)
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 After my pregnancy
  • Breast feeding is probably the biggest factor in losing the weight.  I know not everyone has this option but I really think it was what helped me the most.
  • No snacks!  After I had the baby, I completely stopped snacking.  I'm so busy these days that I can only think about eating full meals and in between I'm either taking care of Layla or working so I never think about eating in between! 
  • Stroller walks - we live in a very hilly neighborhood and the walk alone is already a great workout but taking the stroller out and walking it uphill is a GREAT workout.  I'm huffing and puffing all the way up.
  • Baby wearing - I rarely put Layla in the stroller, only when we go on walks with the dogs.  She's only been in the stroller twice when we went out shopping.  All the other times I wear her in my Sakura Bloom ring sling and wearing a 10lb baby while walking around for a half hour to an hour is not super tough but I do feel like it helps!
Although I can fit into all my pre-baby clothes, my body has definitely changed in some ways, especially my belly.  I was actually looking online about any products women use after their pregnancy and a lot of women have mentioned belly bands or shaping undergarments that tighten up the core again.
The lovely team at hourglass Angel sent over the Almighty Vest to try out and to my surprise it really has helped!  I haven't worn it as much as I should (it's not the most comfortable thing) but I have seen results with it.  The first time I put it on, I was slightly shocked.  I've never worn a shaping undergarment like this before but it totally sucks you in - like a whole size down.  It's not easy to get into!  But there's good reason for that and once you put it on, you know why.  After the first time, I knew what to expect so it got easier to wear every time after that.  Here's the description that they give:

the Vest utilizes the science of compression to support long-term slimming. The PowerLatex core stimulates thermal activity and perspiration, mobilizing fat and toxins. You’ll see results as soon as you put it on. 

And after wearing it a few times now, I totally believe it!  I haven't taken measurements or anything but after I take it off, I always feel a difference in my belly.  I plan on wearing it more throughout they year to tighten up my belly area.  Obviously I know that a healthy diet and exercise is what will really help me lose weight but any help I can get in the belly department (always the last area I lose weight) is much needed!

This is not a sponsored post but I was sent the almighty vest for free.  All opinions are genuine and my own!

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