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Weekend Reading: 04.11.14

Friday, April 11, 2014

Loved this CASUAL OUTFIT on Julia — simple and chic!

And speaking of chic, the DECOR in Amanda's pad totally speaks to me.

In other news, my city is apparently the third most likely place in the country to survive a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE — you know, just in case you were worried.

THIS VIDEO made me laugh so hard — what's the deal, turkeys?!

Can't wait to make these DIY TASSEL EARRINGS over the weekend.

Also, I want to put THIS DESSERT in my mouth right now.

Here's an interesting article about THE NEW RELATIONSHIP MILESTONE.

THIS SWEATER has my name on it.

How adorable are these DIY BUNNY SLIPPERS for Easter? OMG!

Nostalgia incarnate: The best beauty moments from the DELIA*S CATALOG.

And last but certainly not least, so sad to hear that PEACHES GELDOF passed away... RIP, beautiful.

Image by Brittney Le Blanc (see full post here)

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