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Weekend Reading: 05.09.14

Friday, May 9, 2014

I found THIS OUTFIT to be especially dreamy.

Not sure if monkeys should really be drinking juice, but THIS VIDEO is crazy cute.

Loved this piece on MONICA LEWINSKY as the righteous good girl — food for thought.

OMBRE JENGA, anyone?

This article about OMEGAS made me go out an buy oil immediately — all those symptoms of Omega 3 deficiency? Me.

And since we're on the topic of healthier choices, how about this RAW COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM substitute?

But since we're all human (and love pretty pictures), how amazing do these EDIBLE FLOWER DONUTS look?

Here's a great guide for getting the type of CURLS you want.

Pretty sure Kass is the cutest PREGNANT LADY of all time.

This little ASOS number needs to be in my life.

And last but not least, because this has been the soundtrack of my week — and because I can never get enough of Clueless — check out THIS VIDEO.

Photo by Mr. AiF (see original post)

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