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{DIY} Givenchy-Inspired Floral Clutch

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The minute I saw the Givenchy Antigona Floral clutch, I knew I had to have it... and then I saw the price tag. Ouch. So after a few moments of internal tears, I decided to put my DIY cap on — no, not this one sillies, I'm being metaphorical. The result is nowhere near as heavenly as the original (#sigh), but for the fraction I paid for it, it doesn't have to be! Plus all that money I saved had me laughing all the way to the bank... and by bank, naturally I mean Sephora.

This one's a little direction-light, as it really just boils down to painting flowers onto a black clutch. I picked mine up from Forever 21, but thrift stores are always a great place to look (as are the depths of your closet — hey, you never know!). Anyway, back to business. My advice would be to start by painting pink blobs in varying sizes across the clutch, building depth as you go by adding strokes or red, black and white. Much like Ambular's face, this one really is "full of Monet," so don't be intimidated by the way it looks from afar... Just get in there and start having fun!
Same goes when you're building the leaves — use light, circular motions and add dimension with little specks of black and white. I decided to paint little white dots to fill the empty spaces, and dabbed them a bit when they were nearly dry to create a halo effect. Ultimately you need to remember that DIY is meant to be fun, so just go for it and see how it turns out. You might end up with something completely different from what you had first envisioned, but who knows, you might just like it all the more.

{ Optional: When you're done painting, you can add a coat of Mod Podge to help seal and protect the paint. The glue will also help add a nice sheen to your clutch, so that's always a bonus! }

Et voila! Mad savings, plus a chance to relive your high school art glory days... Win win. xx

Photos by Adventures in Fashion

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