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Nail Polish Review: Lisa Lacquer

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If you follow me on instagram you may already have seen my love for Lisa Lacquer but wanted to do a quick review.  I've followed Lisa on instagram for awhile and when she announced her new line of nail polishes I was so excited for her.  When I got the package in the mail, I was beyond excited (she surprised me with the colors!) as I love love pastels on nails, I think it just looks so pretty.
Not only are the colors great, but the polish consistency is fantastic.  You only need two coats for the perfect amount of coverage (really one would be great but I like two to be safe) and I love that it finishes a bit matte rather than shiny.  It makes the nail polish really stand out.   Every day that I went out with these colors on my nails I got comments from almost every person that saw my nails.  Everyone just loved the colors and especially that blue which I love!  It's almost a tiffany blue but doesn't have that greenish undertone which is something that I've been looking for awhile now.  I generally like to do just an accent nail with a fun color but I saw this rainbow mani on Lisa's instagram that I may have to try out next!  The bottles are great as they are a normal shape and fit on my nail polish rack (I get annoyed with those odd shaped bottles these days as they don't fit into my nail polish organization!).  I love the simple sleek font on the bottle, they are pretty to leave out for decor on my dresser.

Check out her website to order the polishes (all the colors she has are so vibrant and pretty!) and follow her on instagram!

And just for fun... I thought I'd show you some behind the scenes shots of trying to take blog photos with a baby around :) It took many many shots to get the above shot as she wouldn't stop swiping my polishes! I love it though, these pics just make me smile!

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