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Creating volume with your flat iron

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

 I usually use my flat iron to curl my hair (see my video tutorial) but lately I've been wanting sleek straight hair instead of my usual curls.  I usually just blow dry my hair straight and leave it but it's been so bleh lately and no matter how much teasing I did, I'd never get the volume that I get when I curl my hair.  I finally put two and two together and thought about giving my hair volume the same way that I curl my hair but just leaving it straight instead.  Whenever I thought about using my flat iron to straighten my hair, I always had the idea of just taking it straight down and getting straight hair that way.  It never occurred to me (until now) that all you need to do is to just lift up at the roots before gliding it down which is where the volume comes from.  Really, it's that simple!  And this may be something that a ton of you already know but since I just recently discovered it and now love doing my hair like this I thought I'd share my tutorial.  It only takes a few simple steps to have sleek and voluminous straight hair.

The tools: Solia 1" Flat Iron | Blow Heat Protective Styling Mist | Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo | Teasing Brush

Make sure to spray your hair with the heat protectant spray before you start.  (I skipped showing you the bottom 2 layers as it was easier to photograph the top 2.  The technique is the same)

The trick is after you lift at the roots, bring it down in a curve, kind of like you are drawing the letter C.

At this point, you should have a lot more volume all around and sometimes I just stop at this step depending on how cooperative my hair is that day.

I need the dry shampoo for the texture in my hair to hold the tease but if you don't need it, you can skip it.  The teasing should be very light as you already have the volume there, you just want to bring it up a little and smooth it out.

I completely wasn't thinking and didn't take pictures of the sides and the back of my hair for comparison but if the pictures don't show it well, it really does give good volume all around.  I know it's not revolutionary or anything but for someone with very thick hair that gets weighed down a lot, this has been a great and easy way for me to style my hair and keep the volume without a lot of product and teasing.  I hope it's helpful for some of you too!

I'm wearing a J Crew top and our brand new Luxe Chain Crystal Necklace - it's my favorite piece, I wear it all the time!

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