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November Beauty Faves

Monday, December 5, 2011

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I'm constantly switching up and/or buying cosmetics and skincare so thought I'd do a quick little post of everything that I was obsessed with last month!

Zoya Pandora and China Glaze Medallion was my favorite combo.  I love just the accent nail, I can't help it, I do it almost every time now and the glitter nail makes it a lot of fun!
I was a little iffy on the "manequin nail" trend pairing nudes and excuse my terrible paint job, but in real life it was nude but not to the point of where it blended into my skin because it had a nice shimmer to it.  I just loved the gold glitter with the nude polish as it made the gold really stand out.

New Lipsticks!  YSL Rouge Volupte in #26 Tender Peach and Joeur Lipstick in dusty
  • The YSL color is a pretty true peach which I love because most of my lipcolors fall in the pink area.  My one drawback about the YSL lipsticks is the smell but luckily it doesn't bother me once it's on my lips, only when I apply it.  The lipstick is not super long lasting, I feel like I have to apply it quite often, however it's very moisturizing.
  • The Jouer lippie is the best nude lipstick that I currently own!  It's the perfect shade and looks great alone or layered with another color or lipgloss.  Goes on super smooth and is not super long lasting but lasts at least a few hours if I don't eat/drink anything.
They describe this as a navy charcoal, which is pretty accurate.  I'm not usually a fan of liquid eyeliners because I have a shaky hand and prefer gel liners however I am in LOVE with this liquid eyeliner.  It's so pretty on and it really is metallic.  You know how sometimes you buy makeup and what it looks like in the bottle is totally different?  I expected this to just be another black-ish eyeliner but actually when you put it on, it really is metallic.  The brush it comes with is a great size.  It's flexible enough to go across your lid with ease but stiff enough to leave a pretty straight line.  I highly recommend this eyeliner!

Beautymint is another brand like Jewelmint except they only do skincare.  It's the same kind of concept where you take a quiz to get an idea of your skin type and they give you personalized skincare advice and products on a monthly basis.  I was sent the Essential Cleanser which is a nice, basic kind of cleanser.  I use it with my Clarisonic and my skin has been pretty happy with it.  The Ultra Replensihg Serum is like a moisturizer and I have a good daytime moistruizer already so I've been using it at night.  It's suppossed to help out with fine lines and wrinkles too which I'm trying to target now as I feel like I'm getting a bit more wrinkles around the eyes.  So far so good, with both products.  I like that there isn't an offending smell to it (I can't stand fragranced facewashes and lotions) and I'm looking forward to getting next month's products!

I stopped going in for eyelash extensions and instead have been trying out Latisse.  I've only used it for about 3 weeks now but I can already see some length to my lashes.  You're supposed to see double the fullness in 16 weeks so I still have a ways to go.  I miss my lash extensions so have been wearing false lashes again.  I hadn't worn them for the year and a half that I had lash extensions so I've been getting used to them again.  I think false lashes are fab especially for a fun night out and definitely a necessity in Vegas ;) but nothing will replace the awesomeness of lash extensions.  It was just hard with my schedule to keep getting refills every 3 weeks.  So, I'm hoping that Latisse will solve that problem for me and give me natural full and long lashes!  Till then, my falsies are keeping me happy :)  Mine are the Ardell #105 which in my many years of experience of wearing lashes has been my favorite style in the past few years.  They are the perfect length and fullness without going into drag queen territory so you can wear them during the day or night.

Oh and this kind of doesn't count because I just got my latest Julep Maven box (and if you are on my facebook you already saw) but I am totally obsessed with this color "Helena" which was their pick for me this month.  They describe it as "ultra-saturated fuschia".  Isn't it pretty?  When I got the box I immediately took the color off that I was wearing because I had to see it on.  It's gorgeous!  The silver is the Shania color that I got in last month's box.  I know I've been gushing about Julep Maven a ton but I can't help it, I love it!  My box this month also came with their fast dry topcoat.  It worked really well and gave the color the perfect shine.  Just those two alone would have been $28 but with the box I only paid $19.99 and got a hand creme too.  This is why I love it! :)

Anyway, if I haven't convinced you already of how awesome it is and haven't gotten one for yourself yet, check out Julep Maven here and use code IAMSTYLEISH to get your first box for $9.99.

I've got a fun beauty related giveaway later this week too so check back!

Disclosure: The Jouer cosmetics and Beautymint products were provided by PR for consideration.  I was not compensated for this post.

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