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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our new year's eve and new year's day was quite low key and uneventful but still spent with the ones I love so that's all I need to be happy.  (Above are a few of the accessories I wore.  I still believe in dressing up even for a low key night!)  Wishing everyone the best for 2012 and although 2011 was a fabulous year, I think that the best is yet to come... :)  I have lots of hope for 2012!

Unfortunately, I'm a bit under the weather and mixed with some highly stressful things going on in my life so blogging is going to take a back seat for a bit but being that we are in the midst of creating our next jewelry collection, I've been trying to get all the creative juices flowing and thus started a tumblr full of inspirations.  (Would love for you to follow if you have a tumblr and let me know yours so I can follow back!).

The tumblr is more for just pretty photos and anything that will inspire me but of course, my first love for all things inspiration and fun things found on the internet will always be located on my Pinterest.  Which, BTW, I have started a board for lovelies wearing t+j Designs so if you have a photo of you wearing our jewelry, please email/tweet/facebook me the link on your blog or the photo and I'll pin it to our Pinterest board!  I love seeing our jewelry on all of you guys!

And lastly, I've started a tumblr for t+j Designs as well.  It's a place to find inspiration on how to wear jewelry pieces and just generally gorgeous jewelry.  Sales announcements and other news will be posted on there as well!

So I may not be around here as much but I'll still be pinning and tumbling away.  And of course,  you'll be able to find me on my regular places, twitter and facebook.  See you in a week (or maybe even sooner!) :)

Oh and I promise, I will come back and announce the winners of the giveaways as soon as I can.  I just have to finish entering all the youtube entries into the pool of entries and then I will select the winners.  Thanks everyone!

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