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Whole Living: 3 Day Reboot Detox

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I love to cook but now that my schedule has been so busy, the last thing I want to do after working 16 hours a day is to get in the kitchen and cook.  This has led us to eating out more than we like and I was feeling a bit lethargic and not so healthy in general.  I recently subscribed to Whole Living magazine and I'm obsessed with it.  I read every single article and have really changed our food and eating habits because of it.  I came across this "detox" that sounded perfect for me.  From the magazine:
"New Year’s resolutions a distant memory? Whether you want to recommit to a healthier eating regimen or simply treat your body to some R&R, our three-day reboot is a delicious way to do it."
image via whole living
Last week, I did the 3 day reboot and the rest of the week I stuck to a generally healthy diet.  I ended up losing 3 pounds during the week (which to be honest, was probably just water weight) but not only that, I just feel a lot more "cleaner", healthier and energized.

Read more for my thoughts and tips on the detox...

I wanted to share with you guys because I often get questions about my diet and exercise which I'm hesitant to post about only because everyone's bodies are different and I'm certainly no expert.  For me, I generally like to cook/eat healthy for 4-5 days out of the week and the rest of the days we eat out.  Of course this varies and some weeks we eat out more but in general this what we like to stick to.

I'm a huge fan of detoxes every once in awhile and I've done them before but I highly recommend this "reboot" because the food is actually tasty!  Also, I know that juice cleanses are pretty big now and I've considered them but knowing that I like to eat actual food, I think juice cleanses would just make me feel stabby and probably not fun to be around :) 

Go to the Whole Living site for more details on the 3 day reboot and the recipes, which are very easy to follow and the best part is, that the first day you prep almost all of the food so that it makes it very easy to stick to the diet for the next two days.  One tip: in the beet salad, they have you put the scallions in the first day which was delicious but I ended up hating it the 2nd and 3rd day because all I tasted were the scallions which as you know, is a very strong flavor.  Next time I will only add them on the day that I eat the salad.

I loved the breakfast smoothie so much that I made it this week too!  I just made a batch on Monday and then filled the rest into mason jars for the next few days.  It's so easy to grab and go in the morning!  I also add in chia seeds which is an amazing little "superfood" that doesn't add flavor to your food but it add tons of nutrients.  Read here for the benefits of chia seeds.  I started adding them into my foods for the fiber but I've noticed all the other benefits including more energy and help keeping me feel full between meals.  I recommend making a chia gel to keep in your fridge which makes it easier to add to your drinks.  They become softer as I don't love the crunchiness of the raw seeds but I really like the texture of the chia gel in my drink, it's like a healthy version of bubble tea!
I order Chia Seeds from Amazon, mainly because I'm an Amazon Prime member and I love the free 2 day shipping so I haven't really shopped around but I think the price on Amazon is pretty good.

And because if you know me, I can't not have baked goods in my life.  These are for after the detox obviously but when I need something relatively healthy to munch on with my coffee or tea, I make these raisin bran muffins that are low fat!  They are just as good as any of those muffins you can get at coffee shops but you won't feel as guilty after eating them.
It uses raisin bran cereal (I get mine at Trader Joe's), whole wheat flour, only a 1/4 cup of brown sugar for 6 muffins and no butter at all!  I do suggest to add about a 1/2 cup (or more) of raisins to the batter if the cereal you use is skimpy on the raisins.  I love these muffins and they are really easy to make.  Side note: I make them a little less healthy by adding turbinado sugar on top but the crunchy topping completes it.  Trust me on this.  :)

Anyway, if you were thinking of doing something like this, I highly recommend the 3 day reboot.  3 days is nothing and is so worth how your body feels after you are done!

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