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4th of July Nails!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hope you have a fun 4th of July!!  Inspired by all the fun 4th of July manis I found on Pinterest (follow my nails inspiration board here) I had to be festive with my nails too!

Here are my nails.... I used my handy dotting tool to create the dots and the heart. (I decided to forgo the white because I painted one nail and didn't like it but I'll be wearing white so it will all go together!)  I know the mani definitely doesn't scream 4th of July right away but it's a bit more subtle of a reference :)

And the awesome inspiration...
via PinkYouRock

via dailysomething

via The Beauty Department
I tried this one at first but since I have small nail beds, my nail tape took about half of my nail bed so it didn't look as good, I need to get thinner tape!

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