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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just thought I'd do a quick roundup of my current favorite albums.

Kimbra - when everybody became obsessed with that Gotye song but I was intrigued by the female singer and looked into her album.  It's one of those that has to grow on you but once I listened to it a few times, I was loving it.
Norah Jones - I kind of forgot about Norah Jones until recently I read an interview with her and she was saying that this album was a lot different than her other albums so I checked it out and I really like it!  Her other albums, I liked but they would often put me to sleep.  This album is just a great album to listen and chill to.  I like to put it on the background when I have friends over.  It's the perfect background music to sip a glass of wine and chat with.
Madilyn Bailey - I'm not a huge pop music fan.  I like it okay but I rarely buy albums of the super popular music/artists.  However, I came across Madilyn Bailey on Amazon and she actually does covers of popular songs and for some reason, I like her singing them better than the original singers.  Sometimes you just need fun pop music and I like that she has more of a delicate voice than some of the actual singers of the songs she covered.

Fiona Apple - Pretty self explanatory :) I think everyone who loved Fiona Apple back in the day waited super anxiously for this album since it was announced that she was FINALLY making another one.
Of Monsters and Men - To say I'm completely obsessed with Of Monsters and Men is an understatement.  I LOVE this band.  They're from Iceland and just nothing that I've ever heard.  I listen to "Little Talks" on repeat.  It's the best.  If there's one album that I recommend, it's this one.
Regina Spektor - I've loved Regina Spektor since forever.  She has such a unique voice and her music is just so fun and different.

Meiko - I liked her 1st album and listened to it a lot until I got sick of it but when I saw she had a new album, I had to get it because I really like her voice.  This album is a bit more pop than her last one but not in a bad way. 
Birdy - I could not believe when I found out that she was only 15.  Her voice is amazing.  I love this album, especially the cover of Shelter by xx(which is also a favorite album of mine).

Would love to hear your recommendations.  I'm always looking for new music to listen to while I work!

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