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Keeping the tan

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I got pretty tan while I was in Mexico and while I don't mind being my usual pale self, I do like the look of being a little bit darker so am trying to prolong the tan.  I recently found Sienna X and from a few reviews that I've read it looks great.  I'm a sucker for the pretty packaging but also love that it comes with an entire line from prep to finish.

They are based in the UK but do ship to the US so I placed my order for the Gradual Glowing Self Tan so I could control how deep of a tan I get since I don't want to super tan all the time, I thought this would be good to give me just a hint of bronze.
For my face I'm trying out the Cream to Powder Bronzer & Illuminator.  I've never tried a cream bronzer before so was interested to try it out and see how I liked it.
If they work out well, I'll follow up with a review of them both! 

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