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Vintage Chanel Jewels

Friday, February 8, 2013

Call me crazy but even though I'm a jewelry designer and I have gobs and gobs of jewelry unworn and samples everywhere and I certainly don't NEED any more jewelery, I still lust after Chanel jewelry.  Every time I go to the boutique I love to see their new pieces.  My husband got me this ring for my birthday and I can't stop wearing it, it's my favorite thing ever.  It's been posted on my instagram a few times (apologies if you are sick of seeing it! haha)
We got my mom a Chanel pin for her birthday and I snapped this picture when I was picking out which one, I just love them all!  (In case you were wondering, my ring and these brooches below are not vintage, they are all current season, but everything else in this post is about vintage pieces.)
I've been to a couple of vintage Chanel trunk shows and I LOVE looking at the jewelry.  Shopbop has a fab section of vintage Chanel and I love seeing their selection.

In my research I've found a few authentic re-sellers of vintage Chanel jewelry.

Vintage Five is a seller from Japan but they have an easy to navigate website, free shipping and also a boutique on Malleries.  They also have this great page to help you distinguish between the fakes and the real thing.  (My caveat: I have not ordered from here personally but just did some research on the web and they appeared to have good reviews and they do take returns)
Yoogi's Closet, who I mentioned in my Where to Buy: Vintage Chanel Bags post, also has a small section of vintage jewelry.  I love that they have the J12 watches as I'd never buy one at full retail but would definitely consider a pre-loved one.

Yoox.com is a great place to buy off season designer items and they also have a small Chanel jewelry section.  And lastly, I got confirmation from the girls at the Purse Forum that Vineyard Vintage sells authentic pieces and they have quite an extensive selection so definitely check them out if you have a particular piece you are looking for.  They also have a great page to help with authenticating pieces.  Great to bookmark on your phone if you ever come across a vintage piece while antique shopping and you're not sure of the authenticity.

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