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Lookbook: Chloe Mini Marcie

Monday, April 1, 2013

What I'm Wearing
SheInside Sequin Sweater - Wearing sequins during the day is totally acceptable when it's a bit more subtle like on this sweater.  I love the shiny sparkles that go along with my necklace!  If you don't want so much sequins, check out this cute sweater.  Just the right amount of sparkle.
J Crew Polka Dot Jeans - I wear these more than I should admit.  It seems weird to have polka dot jeans be your go-to jeans but for some reason they just go with everything I own and are just so darn cute.  Madewell also has polka dot jeans.  If you want a better price option, these Lucky jeans are just as cute!
Alice & Olivia Heels - I LOVE these shoes.  See a closer up pic of them here.  They are so comfy and look great on.  I'm in love with my navy and black pair.  I can't find them online anymore but they have this style in a ton of colors and styles.  I found them on sale here in Emerald and Garnet
Chloe Mini Marcie - I wasn't kidding when I told you guys I was obsessed with mini bags!  I was shopping with Yvonne, ogling bags as we always do when we came upon this little bag.  The sales associate told us it just came in that morning.  I pretty much snatched it up and didn't let it go.  After some thinking and enabling by Yvonne I decided to go for it. I don't regret it at all. I adore the bag!  The size is a tad on the small size but it helps me declutter what I usually carry in my bags which is a good thing.
t+j Designs Blue Crystal Spike Necklace - it's the last day of Friends & Family!  Take 30% off your entire order.  Use code TJFF30

I finally got a haircut!  I'm a bit behind on lookbooks so you'll see some mixed in with my long hair (like this one).  After seeing these pictures, I'm so glad I finally got it cut.  It was driving me crazy with how long it was!  Isn't it funny how we go through phases of wishing our hair would just grow quickly but then when it does you can't wait for it to get cut?  I go through that all the time!

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