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6 month bumpdate

Monday, May 27, 2013


I can't believe I've been pregnant for 6 months.  It's crazy how time flies.  The bump is getting bigger by the second and I feel huge but I know I should be thankful at this stage because at least I can still fit into all of my regular jeans (and loving my Bellaband with them!). And I know that 2-3 months from now I'll probably wish I was this size!  It sucks doing certain things now and I hate when I go to yoga and I can't do certain poses, although I was super proud of myself that at 6 months pregnant I can still do the crow pose (which my teacher was impressed too, she called me out on it in front of the class!) I have yet to have any strangers touch my bump (thank goodness, I don't want that to happen like ever!) and no pregnancy comments.  I think mostly because I don't really wear tight or form fitting tops and you can't see it too much so I probably just look chubby to most people.  I'm trying to make dates with all my girlfriends lately because in a few months when I'm as big as a house I'm not going to want to go out and be seeing anyone.  My baby shower is coming up and I'm SO excited to get together with a few friends and my sister who's flying out to organize it.  I've been trying to get baby advice from my sister and all my friends since I don't have time to read any books.  I'm trying to absorb all I can from the awesome ladies that I know and love that have been there and done that.  They all have wonderful kids and I am happy to take advice from them!  One thing that I will say about pregnancy is that it's weird.  A lot of weird stuff goes on with your body.  A lot of weird stuff goes on in your head.  I'm definitely not one of those "I LOVE being pregnant" ladies although I'm very thankful to be having a healthy and normal pregnancy but overall, I think it's totally weird being pregnant.  LOL!  

Thanks for following along with my pregnancy and all the congrats.  It's so nice to hear from readers who are pregnant as well or who just had a baby!  It's such a crazy fun journey and love that I can share with you guys. 

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