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Summer Beauty Faves

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pregnancy has made my skin a bit wacky.  It can be great for a few weeks and then the next few weeks I break out like crazy.  I've also noticed my zits are more intense if you know what I mean which is SO annoying.  My skin does tend to break out but not like this so I'm totally blaming pregnancy hormones for this.  I recently got this Clarisonic & Supergoop! kit that I'm loving so had to share.  It comes with all the essentials, like the Clarisonic that I've long been a fan of but this one is the new Clarisonic PLUS and comes with a body brush extension handle so I can get some good exfoliating on my body as well.  It also comes with these awesome Alpha-Beta face and body pads from Dr. Dennis Gross that just feel so great on the skin.  And the Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum that I make sure to put on every day as I don't want any unnecessary wrinkles from being out in the sun.  I just love this kit, plus you save $75 just by buying all these products together!

I've been feeling a bit pale (okay a lot pale) since we usually do a few beachy trips by now but between my business being so busy, being pregnant and moving, we just did not have time to plan a beach trip this year.  I'm not too worried about not having a "babymoon" as many people have asked if we are doing because I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa will love having our little one for a week while my husband and I take a break to somewhere warm and relaxing! :)

Anyway, to offest my paleness I've been using these self tanners and I can not stop raving about them.  They are awesome and come out totally natural color.  No orange or streakiness with them!  I can't reccommend them enough.

I use the Rich Self Tan Lotion when I need a quick coloring on my legs or arms.  It goes on super smooth and settles into the skin really quick so you don't feel sticky.  The best part, it does not smell!  I'm so used to self tanners with an icky scent but I love that these ones don't have a strong scent so even if you apply it and go out the door you do not have the scent of self tanner following you around.

I use the pHenomenal Self Tanner when I have a bit more time as this one lasts a few days.  It claims it's a 2-3 week tan mousse but I've been using it about once a week and loving the results so I don't know if it will last the full 2-3 weeks without reapplying but every week seems to be fine for me.  Oh and I forgot to mention that for both of these products I use their very handy Tanning Mitt that totally eliminates the need to wash your hands a ton to get the self tanner off.  I hated that part of self tanning but these mitts make the tanner go on perfectly smooth and never on the palms of your hands.

For my face I've been trying out a few different products.  I do like using just BB cream during the summer months so I can skip my regular powder foundation but recently tried out this CC cream from pur minerals that has been fantastic.  It covers up my blemishes when I need it to but it's also not too heavy of a formula.  I can just use this and some under eye concealer most days.

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