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Bumpdate: Almost There

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Every time someone asks me how I'm feeling these days I have no response except for "almost there".  That's how hopeful I am to have this baby before my due date.  :)  In actuality I still have over a month to go (this bumpdate is lil behind, I'm 34 weeks now!) but I'm at the point of being tired of being tired and uncomfortable all the time.

Good things to report:
Belly button is still an innie (hoping it will stay that way!)
No stretch marks

Not so good things:
Gaining 1lb a week - which is a good thing pregnancy wise - it's a not so fun thing when I see my face and body get rounder and rounder by the second.
I can't paint my toenails anymore.
This is how I walk

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