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Sandals + Nail Polish Pairings

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One of the best things about summer: sandals + cute pedis. Once winter’s here, your toes go into hiding, so I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to show off my dressed-up toes (even though I can no longer paint them myself - thank you gigantic pregnant belly!).  Love these nail polish and sandal pairings:

1. Schutz Baldonera + Essie Full Steam AheadLove the edgy studs with the bright yellow color. The peep-toe gives you just enough room to show off this lovely pastel purple.
2. Kate Spade ‘Intro” Sandal + Butter London Trout PoutSuch a great neutral sandal – pair it with this cute cantaloupe color to brighten up your toes! I’d wear this with all my LWDs!
3. Zara Leather Mini Wedge + Nars ArabesqueThis black sandal is super versatile – it can be tough and edgy or sleek & sexy. I’d pair this with this glittery pink polish to make it a bit girlier.
4. Tory Burch Kailey Sandals + Sephora Hot & SpicyThe bows on these sandals are irresistible. Pair this with a bright orange color for a fun look.
5. Joie Jaclyn Ankle Strap Sandals + Deborah Lippman Mermaid’s DreamThis is a gorgeous berry color and would transition well into fall. Love pairing this luxurious color, with this metallic seafoam polish for a cool look.
6. Dolce Vita Delmy + Dolce & Gabanna Peachy NudeSuch a fun color! Since the color’s so bright, I’d complement it with this pretty peachy nude color.
7. Asos Fall Back Sandal + Essie Peach DaiquiriComplement these cute turquoise sandals with this neon fruit punch color. Pair it with your summer dresses and you’re good to go.
8. Zara High Heel Shiny Shoe + L’Oreal Crazy for Chic Remember when oxblood was THE color? This is a similar hue, and would look great on all your date nights.
9. J Crew Allie Gladiator Sandals + Essie Turquoise & CaicosThe perfect gladiator sandal that will go with everything! Pairing it with one of my favorite colors – mint!
10. Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal + NARS SchiapPerfect neutral sandal for all your summer outfits. Amp it up with this gorgeous pink shade from Julep.

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