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Weekend Reading + A Drink Recipe

Friday, February 28, 2014

How to make a Black Velvet, a delicious beer and champagne cocktail
Hello loves! The weekend is finally here (hooray!), so in addition to a little light reading, I thought I would share a super easy and delicious cocktail recipe to kick things off. There's only two ingredients, so it's as easy as can be... not to mention refreshing and delightfully bubbly! All you need to make a Black Velvet (don't you just love that name?) is Stout beer and champagne. Mix one part of each in your fave coupe and you're ready to kick off the weekend with some social sips... Cheers! xx

 I never cease to be in awe of Emily — she's, like, the coolest.

Caitlin's home tour is so lovely and pinteresting... I feel the redecorating bug coming on!

The six best looks from Paris Fashion Week.

This chocolate chip cookie birthday cake makes my heart happy.

Always good for a laugh: Another boyfriend/husband does my makeup video

Died over this outfit and photo location... so. good.

Emma shares her career journey, from aspiring actress to blog super-star.

There's a new Celfie tee in town, and this one's got a hashtag.

An interesting essay, Rookie-style: Thinking about dying will change your life.

Photo by Maria Laliotis

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