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3D Fiber Lashes + Giveaway!

Friday, June 13, 2014

I recently had a friend introduce me to a new mascara (thanks Mimy!) and for someone who has tried almost every single mascara out there drugstore and department store brands, I was blown away by this one!  I admit, I'm the first to get suckered into trying out new beauty products but I wanted to make sure that this one was right for me.  I tend to have very oily eyelids and under eyes so mascara and eyeliner will always end up all over my eyes by the afternoon unless I use a good primer or waterproof mascara.  I made sure that this was waterproof and wouldn't leave me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day before purchasing but I was still a tiny bit skeptical.  I gave it a shot and there has not been a day since I got this mascara that I haven't worn it.  I'll be honest, I sound crazy but I get excited to put on this mascara.  It just makes my eyes pop so much more and on those days that I'm dead tired, it really "wakes" up my face.  I used to be a big fan of false lashes and I still don't mind them for when I really want to get made up but but on a daily basis I just don't have the time (or really the want) to put on false lashes so this has been the most awesome thing for me.

Here's my before and after

And a couple more shots on different days just to show you that it really does work!  The photos aren't great but in person I've gotten so many comments about my lashes and what mascara I use.  Another great thing about this mascara is that my lashes stay curled all day and night! When I go to take my make up off at the end of the day, my mascara looks exactly the same.  I don't know how it does it but I am never using any other mascara again.

I just had to share with you all because if you are anything like me and love the look of long lashes then you gotta try this out!  I know I'm sounding like an infomercial but I really do love it and wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it would work.  I've seen amazing results on everyone that's tried it out.

Mimy was kind enough to create a special link for my readers to buy!  You can go to http:/tiffany.fabulashmascara.com/ to purchase.  Full disclosure I do get credit for your purchases which enables me to get more mascara but regardless, I will continue buying this even if I don't get credit! :)  She was also generous enough to offer up a lip gloss for a giveaway!  She sent me one of the lipglosses as well and I am a fan.  It's glossy but also offers a nice pigment so it's not one of those glosses that just looks shiny but doesn't add anything else.  I'm definitely loving these two products so far and plan on trying out other products from this line.  If you end up getting the mascara, let me know how you like it, I would love to hear from you guys!

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