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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale round 2!

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is almost over!  The prices go back up on Monday so I did one last look to see what I may have missed and of course came upon things that I just had to have.  I'm not typically one to order a ton of stuff and return it as returning stuff is annoying to me but I had to do it as I found so much stuff that I like but I know I can't keep it all.  I have these items on the way to me and I'll decide after I get them which ones I like best.

I love jackets and trust me when you live in Seattle, jackets are a must have for 9-10 months out of the year.  I have been loving the moto jacket look and found these three that I think will pair with almost everything in my wardrobe. 
1. Quilted leather moto jacket - I don't own anything this beige color but I love how it's paired with gray here which I do own a lot of so I'm thinking it may be good for me to venture out and try out this color.  The one thing I'm concerned with is if it's too close to my skin tone which happens a lot with this color and then it just looks weird on me.
2. Faux leather moto jacket - I'm always a fan of the mixed materials in jackets, I love the look of the different textures so I'm really liking the look of this and think it will look great paired with boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans.
3. Boucle jacket - This jacket may not keep me too warm, I'll have to see how thin it is but I love the color and the texture.  It also comes in petite sizing which I'm hoping that the sleeves will fit me as usually I find that jackets are much too long on my arms so I have to roll up or scrunch the sleeves.

I always need more sweaters!  I love to layer them over blouses or I like to look for details that will look great underneath a jacket.  Most of the time in fall, I rarely take my jacket off when I'm out and about.

1. Crochet sweater -  I love the crochet detail and it's really pretty in the pink too.  It's juinors sizing though so I'm always a little wary of the stuff from the juniors department.  I find it to fit either too boxy or too tight.  This one I'm thinking might be too boxy but we'll see.  I did see this very similar but luxe version by Joie. I may have to order it just in case!
2. Stripe sweater - this looks very similar to the sweater I got last year that I love.  I wore it so much during the winter so I like that they updated it.
3. Floral sweater - I tend to stick to smaller patterns which they say work better for most people, especially if you are on the shorter side but I wanted to try this floral one.  I love how they paired it with boyfriend jeans which as much as I love my skinny jeans, I've been trying to incorporate the boyfriend jeans into my outfits more.

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