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Lookbook: Missoni for Target

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I'm Wearing
*Missoni for Target Cardigan - thank you to my mom who was lucky enough to score some great stuff during the Missoni-Target frenzy!  This cardi was definitely one of the best things that I got, the quality is fantastic, almost unbelievable that it's Target!
*ASOS bow blouse - I'm wearing a size 2 Petite and it's slightly big on the sides (which creates lots of bunching when tucking it in so I only tuck in the front).  I'm usually an XS in tops so if you are about my size, I'd probably try a 1 Petite in their blouses.  I left the blouse untucked in one pic so you can see the length.  Similar bow blouse (no print and short sleeve) would look great under a cardigan or blazer.  Love the ruffle collar blouse too.  And similar horseprint blouse.
*ASOS crop skinny pant (petite) and regular sizing (on sale!) - These are also a 2P and the fit is great (I'm typically a size 0/25 in pants) but a little long even for being petite and crop.  I need to get them hemmed, I rolled them under for these pics.
*Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps (black) - my go to shoes when I need a bit of cheering up!  Also in nude.  In my experience, the Simple pumps run more true to size than the New Simple pumps which are a bit small to begin with but with wear they now fit perfectly to my fit.  I've heard quite a few people say that they go 1/2 size up.
*Balenciaga Classic City (gray) - I have mixed feelings about the Bal bags.  I love the look but hate that they get so heavy so quickly.  I feel like I have nothing in my bag but my arms are already tired from carrying it.  I know you can use the shoulder strap but it looks better handheld in my opinion.  But then whenever I see other people carrying them, I want to buy another color.  They are so pretty!  I love this purple.  However, I may have found my solution with the Hip bag.  I saw one at Nordstrom and they are a great size and I love that they just look like mini city bags.
*t+j Designs Gold Luxe Colored Crystal Bangle Set - One of my favorite of our new bangle sets.  These go with everything.  I wear them all the time.

Can you tell these are another set of tripod/remote pictures?  Mostly you can tell because the gratuitous overposting of photos!  LOL.  I had a hard time editing them down because I had so many.  I felt like I took about 100 pictures!  When my husband takes my photos he takes about 10.  Like I said before, huge props to those of you that self shoot every outfit photo.  It takes a lot of patience!  I started out at a park that had nice scenery but it was next to a kid's playground which I didn't think much of until I heard this slight "aaaaaahhhh" sound from far away and then it got closer and closer until it was "AAAAHHHHAAAHHHAHHH" and about 30 kids from a nearby school poured in and the entire area was swamped with kids!  I really couldn't shoot with that commotion, I literally had kids running under my tripod so I packed up my stuff and found an office building instead.  It was much quieter there ;)

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