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Lookbook: Pattern Mixer

Friday, February 24, 2012

 What I'm Wearing
*Anthropologie Blazer - Similar or Similar - on sale.
*dee&ray blouse (gifted) - same style but different pattern (check out their new site and all their cute new stuff.  I love all their fun print tops!) 
*Zara trousers
*Dior "Miss Dior" pumps - also closed toe versions.  I'm dying for the neon yellow ones too!
*Chanel "Ultimate Stitch" bag
*t+j Designs Gray Emerald Cut Statement ring - all rings are currently $16!  Ends today and Free Shipping on all orders.

I am really good at keeping my side of the closet organized and I'm the type of person that has a hanger for every piece of clothing.  Well, my side of the closet is full so I keep some of my stuff onto my husband's side and his side is usually a mess.  Anyway, he's been searching for a pair of corduroy pants that he just got at J Crew but couldn't find them and I just assumed that it was just lost in his messy pile of clothes.  He searched high and low for about a week and the whole time asking me to keep an eye out for them.  One day we were in the closet talking and he asked me about it again and I said I hadn't seen them and then as I reached in to get these pants that I'm wearing in this lookbook, lo and behold, guess what's hanging on my pants hanger?  HIS corduroys!  OMG, I burst out laughing and I couldn't stop laughing.  I had been hiding them the whole time without knowing it.  I had thought they were my cords that had fallen into his pile and just put them on my hanger without even looking at them.  I still can't stop laughing thinking about how he tore his side of the closet apart searching for them when they were just hanging there the whole time.  LOL!

P.S. I looove accessorizing my gadgets, don't you? ;)  Check out my picks here!

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