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Valentine's Day Nails!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inspired by Love Maegan and MixedMama (found the image on Pinterest but can't find her exact post), I created my own little heart mani!  
Love Maegan's beautiful heart mani

 MixedMama's pretty little heart
I used Sally Hansen in Sea (it takes about 3 coats to make it that minty color) and OPI in Shorts Story.

I couldn't do it with my nail polish brush like Maegan did because mine is too thick and my hands are too shaky but I used my handy nail dotting tool (that I use to dot my nails like I did here).  Just drop some nail polish onto a magazine, collect a little bit on the tip of the dotting tool and swoop one side of the heart onto your nail and then dot into nail polish again and swoop the other side of the heart.  It's not perfect but it's actually a lot easier to control than with the nail polish brush and I kinda like that all the hearts are different.  That's what makes it fun right?

Happy Valentine's Day!  To my family, friends and readers, thank you so much for all your support it means the world to me!  XOXO

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