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Wishlist: Rag & Bone

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just doing a little online window shopping and simply fell in love with so many things at rag & bone.  rag & bone is quite possibly my favorite designer and I usually covet everything they design however I'm really loving the bright colors they are doing this season!  And how gorgeous are those boucle biker jackets?  Eeep! I love!
Hamilton Dress | Danby Sweater

In regards to sizing for this brand, I'm pretty much true to size for all their items.  Everything they make fits so well (if you are my size/shape and have a hard time finding perfectly fit blazers and jeans, they are my go-to for those things, I rarely have to get them altered, except for hemming, but I hem all my jeans!)

Oh! I have to pass on a great deal to you!  As you might know, I adore Julep Maven and getting my box of nail polishes each month (see my review here) and they are now offering your intro box for $1!  No lie, $1.  Each box costs $19.99 and you get at least 2 nail polishes + an extra something in each box and their nail polishes retail for $14 each, so you do the math, it's a great deal.  But for $1, it's an even better deal!  I'm kind of wishing I could sign up as a new member just to get this deal...  Click here or the photo below and use code SHAREONFEB to receive the offer.
Just to let you know, I get referral credits for each person I recommend and for every 2 referrals I get a free month but once you are a "Maven" you get to do the same too so share on with your friends to get a free month!  If you don't want to go through my link you can always go straight to their site to sign up but if you do use my link, thank you!  (And just to be clear, I'm grateful for the referrals but I'm mentioning this deal because I honestly do love the Julep Maven boxes and love getting my new polishes each month so want to share my love for them and the amazing deal with you guys!)

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