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Basics: LAmade

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You know what? I just realized that I'm not too much of a "basics" girl and even though I *think* I have enough basics, when I get dressed and reach for them, I just don't love the pieces that I do have.  It also happens to get to the point where I just want to wear a tee and cardigan and the cardigan looks nice but the tee I'm wearing underneath is just old and not cute so it just looks weird.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Anyway, thanks to twitter, I was reintroduced to LAmade, a great basics line.  I do have quite a few LAmade pieces that I got a few years ago but I haven't looked at the line for awhile.  I am actually loving quite a few things that I think I need to restock my basics wardrobe.  The pieces that I do have, the quality is great and the price isn't super cheap but what I've found that investing in a few basics is so much better than buying those oh so tempting $5 shirts at Forever 21 that only last a few washes.

I love these pieces that look great either alone or worn with a blazer or cardigan.  And, I love how they paired these with colored denim which is so what I'm going to be doing when the sun finally comes out here!

They also have some great "not so basic" basics.  Don't those sweater cardigans look so cozy?  And I love the tanks, I would totally wear them underneath a blazer or one of these cardigans.

Oh and the dresses!  I love these, they are perfect for the spring/summer when I'll want to just be lazy and put something cute on and go.  I'm loving the stripes!

And I should totally keep this to myself since I totally want to win (hehe) but they are having a fun  facebook contest.  All you need to do is to like them and enter to win!  Good luck, I hope you (or I!) win! :) 

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