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Style-ish Seattle Eats: Citizen

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First, a very fun event that I'd like to invite you guys too!  You know how much I love Madewell and when they asked me to host a shopping party with them, I was thrilled! I would love to meet my local readers so I hope you can make it!  We are going to have some yummy refreshments and I'll even be styling some Madewell outfits with our yet to be released t+j Designs spring collection!  And I'm super excited because they are offering a special discount just for that night.  I'll definitely be shopping too! :)

I think at least a few times a month I get emails from readers who are coming to Seattle for recommendations on where to eat.  You'd think I'd have put together a post by now for my favorite places but I haven't.  Seattle has so many good restaurants so depending on when someone asks, I always end up recommending different restaurants!  BTW, I love that I get so many requests, it's so great to have people come visit this city that I love so much!

A good brunch in Seattle is not hard to find, we have so amazing places but if you want a place that is not super crowded on the weekends and mainly filled with locals, Citizen is our place to go. It's tiny, the service is iffy, parking is a biatch around that area, but the coffee, the food and the relaxed, chill atmosphere is why we love it.
They have delicious crepes and I'm always torn to get either a crepe or this delightful breakfast sandwich and almost always, this sandwich wins.  It's AMAZING.  The homemade flaky savory biscuit, the perfectly cooked egg, the crispy bacon, spinach, creme fraiche....  oooh I'm hungry just thinking about it.  And those side potatoes are so delightfully tasty that even though the sandwich makes you SO full, you can't help but eat up the potatoes too.

I don't do a lot of restaurant posts because the last thing that I want to do is to carry my very large and heavy camera to my relaxing brunch but I just had to share Citizen with you all.  To be honest, it was nice capturing pictures of a place that we love to go to.  Who knows, maybe my camera will start to come to more places with me! :)

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