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Winter Brights!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Living in Seattle means that I get really good use out of my winter coats but what I love is that now that the rest of the country is getting warmer, winter coats are going on sale!  Perfect for those of us that are still needing to bundle up and love a good deal.  :)  I've been wearing my dark purple J Crew Lady Day Coat like crazy (you can see it on me here) but am now looking for a brighter color.  Shopped around and here are some that I'm eyeing.

Oh and if you are interested, I've finally re-opened Shop I am Style-ish and have added tons of goodies from my closet.  I'm doing a major closet clean out so will try to add more stuff soon.  If you are a size 5 or size 4 I've got really cute Louboutin and Prada pumps up for sale!  UPDATE: My shoes sold super fast, one pair of Cole Haan flats left and I'm contemplating a few pairs in my closet but I have to cry over them first before I'm ready to let them go. hahaha

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