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Just Wink

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do you remember back in the day when ecards first came out?  Well I do and I went crazy over them.  I sent one to my friends on a weekly basis and once I met my boyfriend (now husband) I sent him ecards ALL the time and he even sent a few to me!  Eventually they died down and now a days when I look for ecards I'm disappointed with how not cute or funny they are.  They all turned into very generic cards and then once I find one that I like, I find out I have to pay for it.  But I just found out about justWink which is an app that you download on your iPhone.  You can browse through the cards, add your pictures, messages, etc... and then you can send it to whoever you want with email, text, facebook (you can post right on their wall or your wall), twitter and get this, they'll even sent a printed version through the mail, like the real mail.  It's one of those things that we never do these days, so I love that there is that option. 

I think it's the high school girl in me who loves cards (true story: my BFF and I would go to hallmark after school just to read the cards and awww over the ones that we wished our boyfriends would send us. HAHA!) So I love giving and getting cards and I'm one for giving cards on no occasion at all, just to remind someone that I'm thinking of them and I think that's where ecards come in the best. 

Oh and I love that the justWink cards are actually cute and funny! (and it's free!) They're seperated by category so it's easy to find the kind that you want to send.  I sent this one to my husband just because he's always looking forward to Friday...

I emailed it to him and it gave him a link to see the card...

It's fun because you actually get to "open" the card by dragging it.  It works on the iPad too which is awesome. (I hate it when websites don't work on the iPad since that's where I do most of my web surfing.)

I'm just warning my friends right now to get ready for some random ecards from yours truly.  LOL! 

justWink is an awesome collection of greeting cards that feature bold colors, adorable illustrations, and witty copy for every occasion. The combination of whimsical unicorns, sweater-wearing cats, and (of course) bacon with realistic, yet playful messages create an unexpected experience for all. And guess what? Each card has a QR code and URL on the back that directs you to a free justWink app for iPhone and Android phones. Download the app and you can send digital cards via text, email or Facebook. For more information and where to find justWink cards on shelf, visit www.just-wink.com or www.facebook.com/justwink.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by JustWink via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of JustWink.

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