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Lookbook: Seeing Stars

Friday, August 10, 2012

What I'm Wearing
SheInside Star Printed Dress - They have super cute start prints, I love this blazer, and this blow blouse.
YSL Tribute Mary Jane pumps - mine are a few seasons ago, here are the updated Mary Jane pumps, or just the Tribute Sandals which I love too.
Vintage Chanel Bag - check out my post on how/where to buy vintage Chanel bags
t+j Designs Gold Luxe Braided Bracelet, Black & Gold Chain Bracelet, Pretty Baubles Bracelet. (Pearl necklace is part of our holiday collection - coming soon) We've extended the Friends and Family discount so that you can still shop over the weekend!  Enter code TJFF for 25% off your order!

I'm usually totally high maintenance in the makeup and hair department but lately have been too busy/too tired to do anything so have been trying the "natural" look.  :)  Put on a pretty little dress and glam jewels and headed out to dinner.  I think my hair appreciates the break from all the heat styling tools, it's been growing like crazy!  This weekend is busy busy, see you guys next week!

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