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Popsugar Must Have Review

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So I mentioned last month that I subscribed to the Popsugar Must Have box. I received it last week and wanted to do a quick review for those of you that were curious about it.  They were pretty vague about what was going to be in it, unlike the other boxes that are popular now that just focus on cosmetics, nail polish, etc... they were pretty general about what they were going to include so I was intrigued.

First, the fun packaging!  I'm a sucker for anything pink and white so I was excited to see the box :)
The contents minus two KIND bars that I gave to my husband (I'm not a fan of nuts)
Body Scrub and Body Lotion by Body Drench | nail polishes by RGB | Lip Products by Ilia | Reusable Bag

Read more for the rest of my review...

My inital reaction was just "oh".  Slightly unimpressed but still happy by the contents.   The cost of the box is $35 so I did expect for the products to be nicer (and not samples) so I was happy about that.  I had never heard of two brands (Body Drench & Ilia) so I just didn't know if they were good or not.

I'm impartial to the body lotion and scrub.  The body lotion does smell good but it's not anything that I would've picked out.  I have yet to use the body scrub as I already have a brand that I love but will test it out after mine is done.  I have a huge stack of reusuable bags (Seattle has a ban on plastic/paper bags) but I can always use another one because you need them even when you shop at Nordstrom! This one is pretty roomy and sturdy so great for the grocery store.  And I know my husband is excited to carry a Popsugar bag out of the grocery store. hahaha ;)

So at this point, I was feeling a bit 'meh' about the box.  What changed my mind was after I used the Ilia lip conditioner and lipstick.  The lip conditioner looks bright red but when it goes on your lips it's a very sheer and pretty color.  The nude lipstick is also really great on.  Both go on smoothly, the lip conditioner definitely moisturizes my lips and the lipstick doesn't dry out my lips.  They work great layered together too!  I've worn them consistently through the past week and they both get a thumbs up from me.  They retail for $24 each so that in itself already pays for the bag.

I'm a total nail polish addict so I of course didn't mind adding more polish to my collection.  I've heard of RGB but have never bought it before.  Mostly because I've never seen it at a store around here so I've never been able to test it out. I have been wanting a good mint color and so happy that I got this one.  This color is perfection. I love love it and the polish itself is fabulous.  It goes on smoothly, not too drippy or thick.   I have yet to try the nude but come fall, I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot paired with other colors.  These retail for $16 each so definitely well worth the price of the box.

Here's my instagrammed picture of the color on my nails.  It's more closer to the green than the blue (you gotta love instagram filters but it definitely changes the colors).  **Follow me on Instagram: TiffanyIsh**

So in the end, after using the products I do think that the cost of the box is great for what you get inside.  Obviously the downside is that you don't get to pick your colors or anything like that and you get brands that you've never heard of but the good thing about that, is trying out the brands that you many never have tried before.  I'm signed up for this month's box too so I'll do a review on that once I get it!  If you want to try out the box, sign up here (my referral link is attached)  Did anybody else get the box?  What are your thoughts? 

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