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Vintage Style

Monday, September 3, 2012

If you've been following along, the past month or so, I've done a different theme with Intel each week which has been a lot of fun exploring each theme.  This week's theme is vintage, which is something that I love but I don't really highlight much on my blog.

Since my Intel inspired Ultrabook is so lightweight and easy to carry, I took it out with me this weekend as I needed to work on my post but I wanted to be outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Thank goodness for the long battery life as I was able to work on a few posts and not have to worry about charging it or finding an outlet.   
I actually am wearing one of my latest vintage finds, a maxi skirt that doesn't need to get hemmed! (See the full outfit on my instagram)  One thing that I notice about vintage clothing is that sizing is SO different from clothing now that you can't go by the number sizing.  When I go vintage shopping, I always just try on the things that I like regardless of size and then think about if it can be altered or not.  I put on this skirt and could not believe how perfectly it fit in the waist and in the length.  I found this skirt at Vintage Wears Boutique in Fremont which I recently discovered and is so much fun to explore.  It's a tiny store but the quality and style of the items are fabulous and the owner is really nice.

When I go vintage shopping, I'm usually on the hunt for either house decor items or designer accessories.  I love the vintage accessories as they are so timeless and I just love having something that not everyone else has.
I stumbled upon this vintage Gucci while shopping at my favorite antique mall.  I have seen some fakes at some antique stores so I do have to be careful with what I'm buying.  Sometimes the items have a story behind it (the Gucci clutch below came with a card letting me know the history of it and the previous owner which I thought was really neat) but sometimes it's just marked as "authentic".  I try to do my research beforehand and look for certain things like the stitching, the print, the monogram and just generally how it looks and feels.  Having your phone on you is great too because if I know the time frame of the item (sometimes the seller can tell you the general decade it came from) I can do a quick google search and see what the bags looked like during that time frame and maybe find out other details to look for on the bag.

I love vintage Chanel bags, not only for the factor that you'll have a bag that not many other people own (the one below is a square shaped Chanel flap whereas now they only sell the rectangle shaped ones) but the best part is that they are often less expensive than a new one.  If you haven't yet, check out my post on where to buy Vintage Chanel bags.

My sister and I get a lot of inspiration from vintage pieces as well when we design our jewelry.  Buying and shopping for vintage pieces is definitely inspiring and I love having those unique pieces in my closet.

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