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{Copy Cat} Alexa Chung

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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I've admired Alexa Chung's style for quite some time now because, let's face it, the girl has a way with clothes. It doesn't hurt that she's tiny and gorgeous to the point where even a ratty old potato sack would look good on her, but I digress. Reflecting on what makes here style so iconic and enduringly chic, I think it all comes down to effortlessness and accessibility, and to prove it (at least the accessibility part), I pulled items from my existing wardrobe to mimic Alexa's style. Even though my version is nowhere near as spectacular as hers, I had a lot of fun recreating her look with items I already had in my closet... And if I can mimic her style with little-to-no effort, you can too.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! xx

Alexa Chung-inspired outfit details: studded leather jacket- Zara; T-shirt- Club Monaco; polka dot shorts & sunglasses- Forever 21; watch- Michael Kors

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