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Lookbook: Floral Pants

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I'm Wearing
SheInside Top - comes in white too and this other white version is gorgeous.  Or this pretty pink one that's on sale for $20!
J Crew Jeans - this thistle print is also really cute, but I LOVE the dotted mint jeans.  So cute!
Bellaband - a pregnant girl's best friend.  However I've heard from several people that they hated them but mine has been a lifesaver throughout my pregnancy.  I bought both the Ingrid and Isabel ones and the cheaper version from Target and I do think the more expensive version is worth it as the fabric is nicer and stays in place better.  If you are going to wearing them a lot then definitely go for the Ingrid and Isabel version.
Prada wedges - Similar and I actually just bought those exact wedges but in Coral.  The nude ones would be perfect if I didn't already have the pair that I'm wearing.  These are super comfy too!
Chloe Sunglasses -I have this style in black and burgundy, I love these sunglasses.  Chloe always makes cute styles, these wayfarer style are a favorite and on sale.
t+j Designs bracelets

I just posted my 33 week bump but I'm still way behind on my lookbooks so I do look noticeably smaller here :)  Trying to catch up but so much to do and so little time to blog!  I love these floral jeans and thought it would be a perfect summer pairing with the pink lace top!  I love summer for being able to wear all my brights and prints together.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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