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ASOS Maternity Review

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I haven't bought much maternity clothes during my pregnancy, I actually haven't bought much clothes, period.  My bump didn't really pop until about 29 weeks (I know this because that week was the one where all my friends would exclaim, "oh you definitely look pregnant now!") and so I just worked with my regular wardrobe but with my much loved BellaBands or just lived in stretchy knit dresses.  Now that I'm significantly bigger, it's much harder to work with my pre-pregnancy wardrobe so am buying a few more maternity items to get me through my last month.

ASOS' maternity line caught my eye as they have a ton of cute styles and so I ordered this polka dot dress, this floral skater dress and this dotted blouse with bow back.  The polka dot dress was cute but fit too big so it gave me the affect of being bigger than I am which I already don't need, the dotted blouse was much too tight in the bust which I've been struggling with in lots of tops as my bust is out of control these days.  And lastly, the floral dress was juuuuust right!!  (Oh and size wise, I took the size 2 in everything that I ordered.)  The elastic waist fits comfortably above the bump and I love that it has short sleeves as I rarely find short sleeve dresses that I like.  The dress does end a little longer than I typically like (right below my knees whereas I like above my knees) but everything else, the print, the colors and the fit I love.

I haven't had a chance to take lookbook pictures in it yet even though I've worn it already but thought I'd put together this little outfit to show you how I will be wearing it next!

I have found though that for petite ladies like me, the ASOS petite line also has some great flowy and stretchy dresses that really work with baby bumps and that fit a bit better than the maternity dresses which I feel are made for ladies that are taller than me.  I highly recommend to stick with stretchy knits and nothing with buttons and zippers.

Here are a few more styles that I'm loving and that I think will work great for the rest of my pregnancy.

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