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Drawn Out + Weekend Reading

Friday, January 10, 2014

 photo AdventuresinFashionDrawing_zpsf1af1868.jpg
Friday is finally here (yessss), and although it's been a short one for me, I'm majorly pooped. Going back to work after the holidays (and a couple late-night flights) can really take its toll on a girl, especially when most of the week is spent trying to frantically catch-up on lost time... Geeesh. So if you're anything like me, you'll need to spend a couple hours laying in bed with a cup of coffee, just getting lost online. Sounds pretty good right?

Here's a roundup of some interesting reads I've come across this week to get you started... Happy surfing!

 photo Dividerrr_zps547e1fd6.jpg 

1. This engagement story had me all teary-eyed — such a thoughtful proposal, plus I totally identify with the ugly side of wedding planning that Kelly mentions.

2. Here's an assortment of Youtube channels for exercising at home that just may get me off the couch.

3. Totes agree with this article on the 7 habits of highly stylish people.

4. Loving this lighthearted resolution to drink more water... I'm totally rocking it in the water department this week!

5. How to make your own gin (that's right — gin).

6. I've enjoyed my leopard coat so much (on sale here) that now I'm considering getting this Chic Wish coat too... Just don't tell Mr. AiF.

7. Four business apps to love via my friend Alicia... totally downloading Weekly Calendar!

8. A DIY I wish I had thought of first.

9. And finally, this video of Bri Emery's Creative Mornings talk is a must-watch — her career journey is both fascinating and inspiring.

 photo Dividerrr_zps547e1fd6.jpg  

Special thanks goes out to Naomi Sutanto for creating this lovely drawing of me based on this post — thanks girl! You can check out the rest of her work here. Happy Friday!

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