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Style Guide: Printed Blouses

Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm all about printed blouses, I just find that they are so easy to wear for any occasion and look put together.  I've been putting these little guides together mostly for me to give me some inspiration for outfits when I'm not feeling anything in my closet but hope it helps give you guys some inspiration too!
This is a great look as the blouse is not too obvious of a print so you can let those awesome hot pink pants stand out and some great accessories without being overdone.
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Oh I am in love with this heart print blouse!  If you are a bit timid about prints, adding a crop sweater over the blouse and allowing the print to just peek through is a great way to work prints into your wardrobe.  Or if you are like me and wear printed blouses a bit too much, it's a great way to mix things up.  And just have to add our new bow bracelet is my favorite wrist bling these days!
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I do love mixing prints and although this is a bit bold, the key is to have a more neutral print on top and a fun print for the bottom.  With the strappy sandals this look is great for the spring which I'm sure we are all looking forward too!
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