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Sale alert! J Crew and t+j Designs!

Monday, January 9, 2012

J Crew has 30% off sale items right now.  (It's not a lot but ebates has it at 1.5% cashback, so don't forget to use it to get a little bit extra savings.)  On Friday I went shopping and tried on a few items including the Honeycomb Cable Sweater.  It was $39.99 in stores and 40% off.  Online it's $54.99 and 30% off so not as good as a deal but still a great price.  See the sweater on Jean in a few different colors and her review as well.

I'm wearing the XXS and is a good overall fit as I like that it's slim fitting on the sides (my apple shape does not fare well with chunky knits + baggy sides.) and the sleeves are not too long.  The length is a little on the short side for me as I have a short torso and I tend to like my sweaters a little farther below my waistband to elongate it.  I passed on this but regretted it the next day (as some of you know from my facebook).  Although looking at the pictures now, I do think I look a little chunky in it so probably a good thing that I passed.  One plus was the color and it looked fantastic with my Luxe Chain Crystal Necklace!

Two other things I tried on were this Paisley Blouse (not online but same print in a button up) which was $79.99 and 40% off (Style # 60333 if you want to call stores to see if they have it.) and the Glimmer Long Sleeve Tee that you've seen on me in bronze.  Now marked down to $59.99 and 40% off in stores and 30% off online.
I'm wearing a size 0 in the Paisley Blouse.  Fit is a little loose and I could have sized down if they had it but still doable and I fell in love with the print so I took this one home with me.  In the Glimmer Tee I'm wearing an XS here which I decided was just a bit too baggy on me and since I already own the bronze in an XXS which fits a lot better, I passed on this one as well.

My phone case is this Kate Spade Resin Case that my brother and his girlfriend got me for Christmas.  So cute right?  I have quite the collection of iPhone cases now, I love changing them up!

Anyone else pick up great stuff at the J Crew sale?  I'm actually on the hunt for the silk Lucinda blouse in stores, I hope I can find it!

Also, my sister and I went a little crazy marking stuff down on our jewelry line.  Check it out now before we change our minds about the prices :)

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