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Nike Free Run iD

Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm an equal opportunist for all my shoes.  I love my heels as much as I love my flats and even more surprisingly, I love my workout shoes.  Admittedly the sneaker love is influenced by my husband as he loves sneakers and when I first met him I knew nothing about them (or cared to).  When we'd go to the gym, I'd sport my old high school cheerleading shoes (yikes!) but soon enough he taught me the ways of exercising in appropriate workout shoes and not just appropriate but good looking workout shoes!  We are pretty biased towards Nike so everything I own is by Nike but in my opinion, they make the prettiest sneakers so that's why I stick with them. :)  Nike asked me to try out their Nike Free Run iD on Facebook to create my very own Nike Free Run shoes and how could I resist?  I finally get to design my own pretty workout shoes!

It was actually a lot harder than I thought to create my shoe but I had a lot of fun.  Not hard in a bad way, hard in a way that I just could not settle on one color and changed colors about 20 times!  I love that you are able to customize the color of everything down to the swoosh! 

You start with a totally gray shoe and then you are able to change the color to their standard choices, but they have great options.  I tend to love gray shoes so I kept it but I've always loved this hot pink and the funny thing is, whenever I find a Nike shoe that's pink and gray that I like, everywhere is always sold out of my size (or I'm told they don't even get a size 5 in that shoe) so I'm excited that I can finally create one of my own!

And here's what I ended up with!  Cute right?  Do you see the STYLE and ISH on the tongue?  I love it!  I have this thing about neons on my gym shoes, I gotta have it!  I picked my two favorite neon colors.  I love them so much and had fun designing them.  Can't wait to try them out at the gym!

NIKEiD is the ultimate customization experience and allows our consumers to take their unique inspiration and express it within our Nike product, which results in a perfect intersection: personalized looks on the best performance athletic performance gear in the world.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike

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