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Shopping with me! (Forever 21 and Gap)

Monday, April 2, 2012

I haven't been shopping in awhile (well, actual in store shopping, I do a lot of online shopping!) especially at Forever 21 so I thought I'd take you guys along for one of these "dressing room" posts so you could see what I tried on.  I get a lot messages that you like these shopping posts especially with sizing and fit so I tried to explain the fit and the fabric, etc... that I found especially if you want to order online.  I couldn't find some of the things online but Forever 21 is pretty bad with that, I feel like when I go in store I always find a ton of stuff that I like that's not online.

First off is this Chanel-esque cardigan that looked cute on the hanger but it was a bit bulky on me and gave me a few extra inches that I definitely do not want! :)  Otherwise the fit was great (wearing a small) and the knit was nice and thick (which was what contributed to my chunkiness but in terms of quality it seemed to be a better knit than most of their sweaters).  Update: Looks like the cardigan already sold out.  Here's one that similar and looks slimmer!  I may try this one out.
The pants are way more green in person.  These also had the potential to be great but the fit was bad in my size and they didn't have a size down for me to try on.  It had a lot of fabric in the waist/crotch area and I'm kinda holding the pants up by my waist to show how it would look at my waist but really it kinda drooped even lower.  With that said, if these fit you, they would make great work pants!  The material they used was nice and thick and I liked the silhouette of the wide leg (I would need to get them hemmed) but I feel like the quality of these were much nicer than other pants that I've tried on at F21.

This is a really long post so click through to see the rest...

The heart sweatshirt just reminded me so much of when I was a kid and I loved my neon tops back then.  I'm wearing a size M here because I think the looser fit is much cuter with these kind of tops.  The top was a bit itchy on the inside (you know the cheap sweatshirt material feel) so I'd recommend wearing a tank top underneath.

The orange polka dot shirt was a random pick because I don't tend to wear orange ever.  But I liked the shape and the polka dots.  I ended up really liking this top and it came home with me.  (Obviously have a thing for polka dots as you can see with my phone. hehe).  This is a size XS as it's from their "Love21" line which fits slightly bigger.  I have it slightly tucked in but the top isn't too much longer than that which works for tucking in so doesn't create bunching.  The fabric is like a lightweight and sheer but fully lined except the sleeves.
I totally fell in love with this dress when I saw it.  It looks a lot more expensive than it is.  I love the navy with the bright dots and the fit is actually perfect which I rarely find in Forever 21 dresses.  It's one of those faux wrap dresses so it's got a side zipper.  Wearing a size small.

I own so many button up shirts as they are the easiest thing to toss in my suitcase when I'm traveling for work.  Add a pair of trousers and simple jewelry for a super easy client meeting outfit (that's also easily packable).  I've never tried one on at Forever 21 and I will admit was very surprised by the quality of this one.  I really like that it was thick and stiff which meant the collar stayed down when I wanted it to and the sleeves stayed rolled up.  I always have issues with button downs with the gaping in the chest area which was the problem here so I passed but for $13, a steal if it fits you!

Pink Button Up (similar) | Heritage Heart Print Button Up (Not available online)

The blouse on the right is a heart print which was really cute but for a size small the shoulders were huge.  You can't see the seams but they were at least a inch down my shoulder instead of on it like the pink top.  Super cute but I had to pass because of the fit.  It did remind me a lot of the Dot Blouse that I tried on at J Crew in my last shopping post!

Neither of these are online either but I had to show you how large this dress is!  That's why ordering online is so hard when sizing is so all over the place.  I know it's supposed to be flowy but this is just silly.  :)  This is a Rory Becca for Forever 21 dress.  I really wanted to like it, especially because I love long sleeve dresses but this was just a tent on me and the big sleeves didn't help.  Wearing a size small.  I did buy this ruffle top from the line when it first came out and it fits TTS.

Rory Becca dress | Polka Dot Maxi (similar and similar)
The top half of the skirt outfit is what I came in wearing.  Blazer is LC by Lauren Conrad and Blouse is by Edun.  Booties are by Miu Miu.  Phone case is Kate Spade.

The polka dot maxi skirt is super cute and runs small.  I was wearing a size small and I had to hike it up my waist to fit into it.  I didn't feel like it was flattering on me so I passed, but I still think it's a cute skirt.  Oh and there's a high slit on one side which makes it easier to walk and a bit sexier of a look so not appropriate for work.  (when I took the picture, I almost did the Angelina Jolie Leg Pose for the photo.  I was very tempted.  haha!)

After I left Forever 21, I ventured over to the GAP because it's really close to the Forever 21 store but mainly because I really wanted to try these yellow jeans on that I had spied online and wanted to see how they fit.  I haven't shopped at the Gap in quite a bit so was pleasantly surprised to see some other cute stuff in there.

First, this maxi dress that doesn't need hemming!  From the model online you can see it falls to her ankles which works just fine for us shorties. :)  I love maxi dresses and it's almost impossible to find ones that I don't have to hem.  I'm standing on my tip toes here but I'd wear it with heels or wedges anyway so it's perfect length.  I'm wearing an XS. I went home and looked it up and they also have it in solid colors so I ordered the pink and it's on it's way to me!

OK so onto the yellow jeans which for the price are fantastic!  However, the color just didn't work for me.  I think I love them on other people but not on me.  They had other colors too but I didn't try them on but if you are still looking for colored jeans, they are worth a try!  They were a nice weight with a good amount of stretch.  I'm wearing the 00 (regular sizing - they do have petite sizing online) so I'd say they run big as I'm usually a 0/25 in jeans.

Isn't this top so cute?  I spotted the red pants first and then this top and thought it would be a good outfit.  I like it but I think I'm going to wait to see if it'll go on sale.  I love the ruffles at the collar.  I'm wearing the XS and fit is slightly big in the sides and a little long but nothing that a little tucking in can't fix.

(also wearing our latest design, the crystal Love necklace that will be on the shop soon, but check out our Charming Collection that launched today!  Everything is under $30.)

Oh how I wish the red pants worked but I'm wearing the smallest size they had in store (0) which was too big.  I LOVE them though!  They are such a great color and I think a great work pant if you want to mix things up.  They are cotton and it's not too heavy so a great fabric for the hotter months.  I did order them online but they only had a Petite 00 left which might be too small on me so crossing my fingers that they'll fit.

That's it!  Over the weekend I did some more shopping so may do another one of these posts soon.  Thanks for coming shopping with me! :)

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