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Prada or Proenza?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm officially on the hunt for a new bag and every time I go to Nordstrom I try on a bunch of bags but I always go back to the Prada Tote or PS1 Keep All and I seriously can not decide which one to get!  I'm definitely leaning towards a tote as the last few bags that I bought are less structured and I'm needing something with a bit of room in it so that I can travel with it too.

I love the shape of the Prada and Nordstrom actually has it in this really pretty nude/light camel color that goes with everything.  I'm leaning more towards the one in the middle that has the zipper pockets than the open tote, but how gorgeous are those pinks?  I really like this bag also because I know it will be a classic forever and I can't imagine ever getting tired of it.

But then there is something about the PS1 Keep All that I just love!  I think it would be a great work bag too.

Read more for another bag choice and some Chanel spring arrivals....

And then I was looking around at Miu Miu bags and found this tote in lots of pretty colors.  Unfortunately I don't have a Miu Miu store near me (or any store that carries Miu Miu) so I haven't seen it in person and don't know how it looks on but I adore my Miu Miu bow bag and the leather they use is always super soft so I'm tempted to order it.

OK, so given my bag choices, which one do you think I should get?  I need your help!

And then just for fun, I saw that Proenza Schouler has these wallets in all these colors and for less than $200, I thought it was a good price considering most designer items, even their wallets are well into the hundreds.  It looks like the perfect pouch to keep my credit cards and keys when I don't feel like bringing my entire wallet.  I often don't travel with my entire wallet in case something happens, you don't want to have to report all your cards lost/stolen so I just bring what I need.  Plus I can use it as a mini clutch when I go out at night and don't want to carry a bag.  Double duty, love it!

Oh and I have to say that a new Chanel is also not out of the question but considering the prices of a Chanel bag, compared to these, I'm doubtful I'll get one.  My Nordstrom Chanel SA sent over pics of their new Spring Arrivals so I wanted to share in case you guys were interested!  Here are my faves and I only got the prices of the two bags that I had my eye on so I'm not sure the prices of the others but you can always call your local Nordstrom or Chanel store to ask.

Extra Large Zip Wallet | Timeless Classic w/Rose Gold hardware ($4400) | Coral Patent WOC ($1775)

and some jewelry that I love...

Chanel pics via my Nordstrom Seattle Chanel SA, Lisa (She's awesome!  If you need a great SA, I highly recommend her!) Email me if you want her info.

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