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Sunday Sunday

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My husband and I take our weekends very seriously. Seriously in that we don't get to see each other as much during the week as we used to so we savor our time together on the weekends and I look forward to the weekend more than when I was at an office job and I just wanted the weekend to come so I didn't have to be at the office.  Now that I work from home and work basically every hour that I'm not asleep my work life has just simply become "life" but I'm enjoying every moment of it.  I've never imagined that I could do this (be a small business owner/jewelry designer) but here I am doing it and really truly appreciating this time in my life.

Our Sundays are usually busy doing typical errands but to spend time doing even these mundane things with my husband is something that I look forward to.  I recently took my camera along for a typical Sunday for us and thought I'd share!

We either go out for a full on brunch or just a coffee and pastry so this day we decided it would be Coffee and Pastry day so went over to Grand Central Bakery.  Hubs got the seasonal danish (that you saw here when we got it last time) and I went with a cinnamon bun this time.  (That's my DIY glitter clutch in the corner.)
Next stop was Trader Joe's.  Only the best grocery store EVAR.  Seriously, why is this place so fun to go to?  My favorite section, of course is the wine section.  I always buy wine for the week and usually try to pick out something new and different but stock up on our favorites too.
We are totally the people that go to multiple grocery stores because I'm sort of picky about produce and although I adore Trader Joe's, I'm not as big of a fan of their produce.  Which brings us to Metropolitan Market which has the best produce section.  When I walk in there, I'm enticed to buy carrots and celery just because they make it look so pretty.  Don't know how they do it but they make their produce displays so nice that you want to buy everything, but not just looks, their produce really is the best in terms of freshness and taste.

Their flower section is always beautiful too.  I love perusing their flowers and deciding which ones to bring home for the week.
Gourmet raspberry marshmallows!  Um, yeah, that's why I must stay away from their bakery/sweets section because it's filled with delightful things like this that cost an arm and a leg but so hard for me to resist.
And just some of the produce I brought home.  I couldn't resist the beautiful meyer lemons and made lemon bars from them.  Sidenote: the best recipe is from the The Grand Central Baking Book(yup the same place where we started the day from!) and these Sumo oranges where I haven't seen anywhere else, were the sweetest most delicious oranges I've ever had.  We went back the next weekend to stock up on some more!
So there you go, a very boring Sunday but still fun to me :)  What are your Sunday's like?  Do you do all your errands like I do or do you just veg on the couch?  I do have to say though that our Sunday's are very dependent on the weather, if it's gross and rainy, the couch is the best place to be!

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