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Shopping in the boy's department

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just a random quick post on a great deal that I found that I had to share!  I'm not one to usually shop in the children's section.  I know that I can maybe fit into the stuff but there's always something that's a little off about the fit so I just don't even bother trying.  Anyway, I've been traveling and forgot to refill my travel kit (I always keep a toiletry bag full of stuff so I don't have repack it every time) and I ran out of toothpaste so I ran into a Target to get some when I walked by the little boy's section and a chambray shirt caught my eye.  My first instinct was to keep on walking but then I thought "why not?".  I wasn't sure what size I would be and they only had a M (which looked too small) and an XL (which looked too big).  I looked around and nearby were these cute plaid button ups that were similar so I took a chance, grabbed one Medium and one Large and tried them on.  And guess what?  I was quite pleasantly surprised how well they fit!  The shoulders of the size M were perfect on me and the problem that I always have with women's button up tops, the chest gap, wasn't even an issue!  OH and the best part?  They are $12.99!  Here's a few pictures of the fit.

Here's the Medium in this cute purple plaid (sorry for the blurry pictures, I had coffee and nothing to eat so was a bit jittery).  The length is a bit short but since I plan to always tuck it in, it works fine and I'm really happy with how it fits in the shoulder.  Sleeve wise, it's also bit short but that works to my advantage since I always roll up my sleeves so I have less fabric to roll up.  I didn't love this color/pattern (I felt way too businessman-ish) so I didn't end up getting this one.

And the Large in this awesome blue plaid.   I actually really like this one but the fit was pretty baggy which is okay, if you want to wear it super casually like with shorts in the summer which would be cute, but I wanted something more fitted so went back to grab the medium.

Read more for which ones I end up getting...

So I went back to the rack and unfortunately they didn't have the blue in a M but they did have it in grey which I bought and I went back to grab the Chambray one in M, which I had initially thought would be too small but turns out it's the perfect fit!

You'd be surprised by the quality of these as they are lightweight but not too thin and stiff enough for the collars to lay flat and for the sleeves to stay rolled up.  Compared to some Forever 21 shirts that I've tried on, I'd say these are better quality.  And something else that I noticed are the buttons are sewn on really well.  I hate when I get button up shirts and half the buttons feel like they are ready to fall off.

And another detail I love is the inside of the collar has a fun surprise!  Such a cute and unexpected detail.
So anyway, I was just so excited to find these kind of shirts that I usually pay way more for (like the ones I get at Madewell and J Crew) for such a great price and wanted to let you guys know too!  Let me know if you guys try them out too!  There are more colors online than in the stores too!  I think I may be ordering the blue one.

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