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Designer shoe sale!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's my favorite time of the year... Designer shoe sale!  As usual, I did the pre-sale with my Nordstrom Sales Associate (see my shoe shopping video from the last shoe sale) and wanted to share with you guys which shoes I tried on and what will be going on sale!

First, here's the craziness that I was sitting in the middle of.  My SA is awesome, he gets all the size 5-5.5's that he think that I'll like and then brings them out to me and I spend the next hour or so just trying on the most fabulous shoes!
I'm not going to tell you which ones I ended up getting because I want to hear which ones YOU guys like best and see if I chose those ones :)  The actual sale starts tomorrow (Wednesday) so if you didn't do the pre-sale make sure to check out the sale at the store or online!

I don't know the pricing of everything because I looked at WAY too many shoes and didn't take notes but I found them online so I linked to them and the sale price will be about 33% to 40% off that price.

UPDATE: After I wrote this Saks and Neiman Marcus put their shoes on sale online already so if I found them, I linked to the sale ones in parentheses!

 Read more for the rest of my sale picks... there's a lot!

Also, to note, several YSL Tribute pumps are on sale!  I'm so sad they don't have these colorblock ones in my size.  Gorgeous!  These lace printed ones too!

And here are ones that I tried on but didn't take pics of:
 Prada Wood Bottom Wedge Sandal (also here)

Lanvin Cap Toe Ballerina Flat
Lanvin Espadrille Wedge Sandal
Lanvin Classic Ballerina Flat

So many cute shoes right?  If there is a pair that you are dying for and don't want to risk waiting to see if your store has them I recommend calling Nordstrom (in Seattle, both the downtown store and Bellevue store carry designer shoes) and ask a sales associate if they can track down your size and pre-sale.  They usually can let you know right away if they can find your size and then they'll track them down, charge your card on the day of the sale and if they aren't in a store near you, they'll send them to your home!

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