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Pop Sugar Must Have August box

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Got my Pop Sugar Must Have box and compared to last month it was quite different so wanted to share a quick review with you guys. 

Here's most of the contents.  My inital reaction was that it was packed!   The box it came in was huge and filled to the brim. 
The most notable item that I liked was the govino Wine Glasses.  They look just like real wine glasses but they are shatterproof, reusable and recyclable!  I need the shatterproof as you do not even know how many wine glasses I've broken. Sometimes I just look at them and they break!  I've never seen these before so am glad that I was introduced to them.  Will be great to use them for when we have guests over and you don't have to worry about anyone shattering a glass.

Read more for the rest of my review (it's kinda long)

The thing that I was most meh about was the food (a bag of granola and pretzel chips) I mean, I know it's just filler to make it seem like there's more in the box but I'd still prefer not to get food items.  I don't know, I'm picky about food and don't really need a box like this to be sending me snacks. Also, the PopPhysique DVD is potentially good but considering I have absolutely no space to do any kind of working out, I'll never use it until we move somewhere bigger.  I prefer to get my workout on at the gym anyhow.  Maybe I can convince my gym to install a TV and DVD player for me?  LOL.

Moving on, here's the stuff I did like. First, the Baggu Reusable Bag.  As I've mentioned before, I'm a reusuable bag hoarder.  I love those things so am always happy to get another one.  I like these ones better where they fold up into something small so they are easy to keep in my purse.  I always have at least one with me. 

The Tatcha Blotting Papers are pretty amazing.  They do an awesome job of soaking up all the oil on my face.  I'll for sure be keeping this in my bag.  I've seen these before but have never bought them.  I'm totally sold though.
The Sprout Skincare Exfoliator and Cleanser is really neat because the ingredients are truly all natural.  Like the exfoliator is made with just almonds, oats and sea salt.  It's definitely not as harsh on your skin but I don't think it works any better than my favorite exfoliator only because I love the consistent exfoliating beads and this one just doesn't get that.  The Cleanser, is also a little mild for me.  I like to really cleanse my face to get rid of makeup and anything else at the end of the day but with this cleanser your supposed to put on a cotton pad and clean your face with it that way which I just don't feel like that will do a whole lot of cleaning. (I prefer a cleanser used with my clarisonic to get my make up off).  I've been using it more as a toner instead which I think it works great in that sense.  I love the natural aspect of this line and although these two didn't impress me a whole lot (but I'll still use them) I did see that they make a makeup remover which I may try.
And not pictured above is the Alora Diffuser which I had already put on our shelf (next to our very cute Rocking Bird!) and I have to say, I'm impressed with this diffuser.  We live in a loft with very high ceilings so fragrances usually get lost in this space but this diffuser does a great job of getting the fragrance out.  I've used several diffusers and this one is definitely the best one for our space so I'll be checking out the other fragrances once this one is done.

So overall, a pretty good box!  There were a few other things in there that I didn't think were worth mentioning but you can see the entire box over at the Popsugar website.  For the price, you definitely get a lot more than what you paid for.  For me, these boxes are just fun to get because I feel like I'm getting a surprise every month.  If you want to subscribe to the box, click here! (my referral link is attached)  I just got a coupon code for you guys too!  Use code REFER5 and get $5 off your first box!

Popsugar is not sponsoring me to do any of these reviews, I just want to share them since I'm always curious as to what is in these subscription boxes and thought it might be helpful if there are readers that are thinking about subscribing.

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